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Staying Secure in an Insecure World

The world today is full of stories about security breaches. With infrastructure becoming increasingly digital, it becomes prone to more security risks which did not exist before. We live in an age where data is more valuable than gold. To protect that data, organizations and companies around the world are looking into more secure solutions than the ones which they have used before, if any.

Industries ranging from schools to hospitals to HOAs all need proper security to mitigate any potential risks which may exist. The solution to this is provided by CFA Security, with its range of low voltage security systems.

When it comes to the security of your company or organization, there are four major areas which you want to make sure you have covered. These are security cameras, access control, fire alarms, and burglar alarms. When you have all these areas covered, you will be able to rest easy knowing your data and physical locations are safe.

Security Cameras

Your first deterrent against intruders is a security camera system. Most potential security breaches will be avoided simply because a would-be intruder sees you have surveillance cameras positioned in key areas on the outside of your physical location.

Besides being a great deterrent, security cameras give you peace of mind knowing you do not have to stress over potential break-ins. You can also see benefits from within your building. People and employees will self-censor their actions and behave properly if they believe they are being monitored. Instead of someone physically watching people to make sure they are conducting themselves in a proper way, a security camera system will be the watchful eyes.

You can also reduce your insurance claims and liability. There are perks provided to you by insurance companies if you can prove to them that you have security cameras installed. For them, this means there is a smaller risk of them having to give you money because of a security breach you experienced. With less risk to them paying out money for your insurance claims, they will reward you by reducing the amount you pay for insurance.

Access Control

Having sufficient access control is a fundamental component of all commercial security. An access control system can be something such as a card key or a keypad to access a building. You can even increase the strength of your security by requiring a fingerprint or iris scan to gain entry. This ensures no unauthorized individuals are able to get into your building.

A door is the easiest way to get into a building, so ensuring there is a security measure there will help you mitigate security breaches. This sort of system can also track who is accessing your building and at what times. You can also access the system via the internet and adjust the settings how you see fit. An access control system gives you plenty of options when it comes to restricting who can get into your building.

Another benefit of an access control system is the ability to lock down a building in the case of an emergency. There are unforeseen risks sometimes which call for a security lock down. While these kinds of situations, such as a gunman outside the building, can seem like something you do not need to protect yourself against, they are becoming an unfortunate growing reality. By initiating a lock down, you can avoid severe consequences which could result from emergency situations.

Fire Alarms

A fire alarm system can be a life saver in the most literal sense. A fire is no joke and they happen more often than you may think. While there are probably no open flames in your building, electrical fires can turn into blazing infernos within minutes. A good fire alarm system will prevent fire and smoke from doing as much damage as it would have done if there was no system in place.

Businesses and communities have to abide by the fire codes in their areas. This means that having a good fire alarm system will be able to keep your building up to code. Fire codes are put in place to help save lives. In order to make sure this is able to be the case, having a 24/7 system is ideal. This is because a fire can spread rapidly. Entire inventories can be destroyed in seconds. People can die and buildings can be destroyed. Fire is no joke, so make sure you protect your assets by having a great alarm system.

Burglar Alarms

Even if you have security cameras and an access control system in place, you may have an intruder break in somehow. The solution to this is to install a burglar alarm system. With this type of monitoring system, you can not only sound the alarm and have the police show up, but you can control various components of your building.

Some of the components you can control are the lights, heating, air conditioning, door locks, medicine cabinets, garage doors, and electrical outlets. If an intruder does get into your building, you can make it so that they will be incapacitated and stuck. Once the authorities show up, they are caught red-handed. The beauty of home automation is that you have total control over various components of your building from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection on your computer or Smartphone.

Get Secure Today

The reality of the world we live in today is that we need proper security in order to avoid, mitigate, and thwart security breaches. Thankfully, there are several solutions which can help make your business or community more immune to such attacks. CFA Security has the solutions you need to give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your commercial and community assets. After you implement security cameras, access control, fire alarms, and burglar alarms, you will notice your stress dissolve when it comes to keeping your buildings safe.


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