Surveillance Cameras

Security Camera Services

CFA Security Installs 

  • 1 to 100+ Security Camera Packages

  • Long Range & License CCTV

  • Dome, Varifocal and Bullet Options

  • IP Security Camera Systems

  • Pan & Tilt Security Cameras

  • Smart Phone Security Camera App

  • 4 to 32 Channel DVR & NVRs

  • DVR & NVR IP Networking

  • CCTV Camera Poles

  • Trenching, Piping & Concrete Work

  • POE & 2-Way Voice Integration

  • Community Gate CCTV 

  • Security Camera Repairs 

Security Camera System Benefits

  • Surveillance camera systems deter crime  before it happens.

  • View & record hard to see areas.

  • View & record all sides of your property and commercial site.

  • Know your employees, products, family and pets are safe.

  • Keep an eye on employees, vendors and guest from any smart phone or PC with a networked DVR!

  • Provide authorities with recorded video in the event of crime.

  • Reduce commercial and HOA liability.

How Much Are CCTV Cameras?

New and readily available surveillance technology is easy to obtain from many big chain retailers bringing the overall cost of security cameras lower, however, not all products are created equal. What might seem like a great deal at first ends up being a waste of money in a few months.

CFA Security provides hard-wired and wireless solutions for Georgia home and business owners starting at $200+ per camera installed along with any additional cost for security cable runs, DVRs and additional security parts.  Rates for service and repairs run $95-$125 per hour.  We will happily discuss your project with you and provide a free, no-obligation estimate.

Should I DIY Security Camera?

Maybe.  There are a ton of DIY security cameras available on the market.  They will work and do a decent job, if installed correctly, for a short while, but most fall short in the long run.  

CFA Security & Low Voltage provides commercial grade security camera system that includes equipment and labor warranties as well as troubleshooting and service year after year that you have your security camera system.  We are with you for the long haul!

Whether your heart is set on a DIY self project or you know a professionally installed security camera system is in your future, give us a call or an email with questions. We're happy to answer your questions and offer advice either way.



Professional Surveillance Installation

A professionally installed security camera system is the key to an effective security protection plan.  We will provide you a surveillance camera solution that fits your unique needs, location, floor plan, budget and time line. 


Our security installation team will work with you and your onsite management ensure all security products are placed accurately and installed effectively.   for most clients it is not a one size fits all solution.   Our team is available to answer any security questions you have and assist you through the entire design and installation process.

Home & Business CCTV

A home's and businesses layout and security goals will determine the surveillance camera and recording devices installed.  Traditionally, we install wireless, IP (web) cameras with an onsite DVR.  This surveillance package provide live 24/7 videos feed on a smart phone app & will capture video recordings.  While this is a great fit for most clients it is not a one size fits all solution.

Surveillance Camera
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Security Product Integrations

Home and business security is most effective in a multi layered approach.  Designing several layers of security products that fit your locations needs will assist you in your mission to protect your home and business.  

CFA Security & Low Voltage has 20 years industry experience working with multiple channels of security product installation to provide our clients top of the line, modern and effective solutions to prevent crime.



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