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Structured And
Network Cables

Low Voltage Services

CFA Security Installs 

  • CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6, CAT-6e

  • Ethernet Cable (Voice/ Internet/ Security)

  • Coax Cable (TV)

  • Fiber Optic Cable (Internet)

  • Plenum Fire Rated Cable

  • 22/6 and 18/2 Access Control Cable

  • Fire Cable & Wiring

  • Pre-wire & Trim-out Service

  • Network Wiring Repairs

  • Office Retrofits & Move's

  • Wireless Access Points

Are You Licensed?


We are fully licensed and insured.  CFA Security & Low Voltage is a Georgia unrestricted low voltage contractor. We are insured for commercial liability, workers compensation, commercial automobile and umbrella policies.

We are qualified to install ethernet, coax, fiber optics, plenum, security cables and access control cables and any structured wiring labeled under low voltage.

How Much Is Your Service?

Every project, client and location is different and cost will vary based on size, location and complexity.  Our hourly labor rates for low voltage wiring are $95 an hour for service plus parts and materials.

Estimates are always free including site visits.  Give us a call and we will provide a no-obligation quote on the phone or visit with you on site to explore your options.

Do You Offer Repairs & Service?

Yes! We have worked with low voltage cable lines for over 20 years and have wired, repaired and corrected various cable wiring across Georgia. 

We offer both pre-wiring & trim-out wiring services as well as office wiring clean-ups, office retro-fitting services and office wiring moves.

Benefits of Structured Wires?

Without structured, network or fiber cable the world would be boring and inefficient. No upbeat music would play through speakers while you shopped.  No football games would play at your favorite pub. 

Computers, telephones, wireless devices, POS systems and security devices would all fail to communicate. Everyday, we all enjoy the benefits of low voltage cabling from the WIFI on a tablet receiving its internet source to the safe guards of an access control system, structured cable keeps life moving.  

CAT-5/ CAT-6 or Fiber?

 The main difference between CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6 cable are bandwidth.
CAT5 can support up to 10/100 Mbps while CAT-6 up to 1000 Mbps.  To achieve higher Gigabit speed across longer cable runs, CAT-5e and CAT-6 is preferred.

Fiber optic cables work at lightening fast speeds transmitting information quickly and efficiently from the MDF or IDF server rooms to network closets for whole building connectivity.   Fiber optic is best for smooth, high Gigabit speeds across long distances.

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Certified Licensed Contractor

CFA Security & Low Voltage is a state of Georgia licensed low voltage contractor as well as safety certified for construction site and OSHA compliance.  Call to request certification documents from our vendor compliance team.

Clean & Reliable Wiring

CFA Security & Low Voltage provides clean, concise and reliable structured wiring installations.  We terminate, test and label all cable lines ensuring a neat and orderly installation.  Our low voltage technicians show up clean-cut and leave no mess behind.

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Low Voltage Experts

Our team has experience with all building sizes and styles.  From Atlanta high rises to brick bungalows, retail retrofits and rural farmlands, we have maneuvered through it all.  

Our knowledge and expertise of cables, wires and buildings structures means there a budget friendly solution to your low voltage and wireless access problem.


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