Our Aims and Goals

Mission Statement 

CFA Security & Low Voltage strives to help Georgia home and business owners protect their people, products, and profits.  Our business credo is based on the three pillars of  honesty, transparency and reliability. 
We provide honest, no-obligation estimates that benefit our clients along with transparent pricing, scheduling and service.  We follow-up with reliable installation, equipment and services that are backed by our 1 year service and 2 year product warranty.

CFA Security & Low Voltage has proudly served the Atlanta metro area since 2009.  Our team has weathered many ups and downs in the Atlanta area market without losing site of our business goals.  If you are looking for a steady, reliable security and low voltage installer, let us interview for you and win your next project.  

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Telephone Contact: 770-864-7891

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Get to Know Us

Founded in 2010, CFA Security & Low Voltage has proudly served the Atlanta Metro area since.  As the City of Atlanta has grown into the suburbs, so has our companies product offering and services.

From our humble beginnings as a residential alarm company to our large portfolio of commercial & residential security, fire and wiring clients, we have grown with our city.  

Our company mission has always been to do what is right for the client.  This involves helping our clients choose the best security products to  fit their desires and locations space, helping them stay within their budgetary means and working with clients to get their project finished on time.

Not all projects, budget and timeless are perfect, but with a knowledgeable and honest company like CFA Security & Low Voltage by your side, you know your are getting honest answer at a fair price.

Our estimates are always free and no-obligation. Give a call or email today to find out how we can help you can complete your security, fire and wiring needs.