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Access Control Security. A crucial business tool.

Do you feel like your office or retail business is too small for access control security doors?

While access control might sound like a big corporate security matter, even smaller sized companies must consider security as an essential concern. An access control system, whether it's one door or more, offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes. From controlling site access and making employees feel secure to protecting your assets, door access systems are a crucial piece of protecting any business. Read more to learn how access control systems can benefit your small business.

No More Keys to Hassle With!

Creating and managing employee keys is a number one headache for managers, even for a small company. If one employee loses their copy, the entire building must be rekeyed, which can be quite costly or run the chance of a break-in. Moreover, if you only assign keys to a few people, you must coordinate that a keyholder is always present to allow people in the building.

When your company relies on keys, it only takes one person to forget theirs at home to leave customers and other employees waiting outside or worse, lose their key completely creating additional headaches. While some owners will simply chance it during a lost key scenario, not have a key to open a site for clients, is not an option. When a site needs to have an emergency commercial locksmith service, the cost can be well over $300.

Employee Protection

Removing the hassle of keys from an employees daily routine will allow them to enter their workspace more quickly. Without the need to stand around, fumbling with keys, their chances of an attack or external issues is reduced.

Once employees are inside, they feel more secure because only authorized personnel can enter the building by using an access card or code. This is especially beneficial for small businesses whose staff works alone or during off hours such as early mornings, late at night and even overnight.

Reduce Theft and Asset Loss

If your business owns physical inventory, it could become a target for internal and external theft. Merchandise and inventory theft are only part of companies assets. Theft can also include office equipment, digital assets and supplies. Though most employers don’t want to think that employees would steal from them, statistics show that businesses in the U.S. lose roughly $50 billion each year because of employee theft.

Having access control security in place reduces temptation and makes employee theft more difficult. Employees who do have access to controlled areas will be recorded on an activity log and employees with access credentials will have an incredibly hard time stealing company inventory they can not reach.

Remote Site Access

Ah, the ease of remote site access! One of the best perks of access control security, is the ability to view, manage and control your site from anywhere there is a cellular or internet connection. This is very useful feature, allows managers to let in cleaners or maintenance at any hour of the day or night. It allows for the quick issuance of new access codes or the revocation of access when an employee is dismissed. It also provides notification of security breaches and issues with the system, if any arise. Best of all, remote access provides a reduction in time management and ease of mind.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, access control security systems provide several great advantages for businesses of any size. The benefits of access control security can be enjoyed by all businesses from single door occupants to large fortune 500 companies. Best of all, access control security is that the cost is relatively inexpensive at just $500 to $1,000 per door and requires very little maintenance.

If you own a small business in the greater Atlanta, GA., area and could benefit from these services, call us today at 770-864-7891 and schedule a no-obligation price estimate!


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