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User Friendly Access Security For Your Atlanta Business

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

keycard access control

If you are managing a business, an office or any other commercial space, imagine how much easier you life would be if you would have a remote access to your location access data and could control all the information from one space. Access control systems can help you in that by concentrating all the access information in one place and even integrating with your existing surveillance and security system if you want.

What is it and how it works?

Electronic access control systems are robust and reliable solutions for protecting commercial and public spaces from unwanted visitors and gathering detailed access information of all employees and visitors who entered the area.

You can get your desired protection and site control level by changing your basic keys and locks to electronic access controls such as key card access, gate access, keypad access, restricted access and managed access.

There are 2 main types of access control systems - Stand Alone Systems and Hosted and Managed Control Systems.

Stand Alone Systems are best for small and medium size businesses. It’s cost-effective, easy to manage and very reliable. This system works on its own by identifying a person with access key cards or ID numbers. You don’t need to have expensive and complex integrations. Installing card or ID readers at your main and internal access points will let you manage the visitor flow for 24/7. They can be used for offices, condos, apartment complexes, pools etc.

If your business is larger in size or has multiple locations then Networked Access Control is the better solution for you. They use internet and access software platforms to provide you with access control and management in real time. One of the big advantages of a networked system is that, unlike stand alone systems, you can program and reprogram all your doors and access points from one central computer.

Advantages of access control systems for businesses

● Keep Unauthorized Users Out

● Control Employee, Visitor, and Vendor Flow

● Control Employee Access to Sensitive Areas

● Track Employee Entry/Exit Times by Employee and Department

● Central Lock Down and Emergency Management

● Provide Vendors Off Hour Access with Remote Control Services

● Reduce Risk Through 24/7 Remote Managed Platforms

● Increase Business Profits Through Decreased Management & Reporting Task

● Easy to use Access Control Software

How to choose the best access control systems for businesses?

First of all you need to identify what will be the purpose of your access control system and what level of security you want to have. The basic access control readers will only grant access to authorized users and keep track of time but if you want more security, you will have to integrate it with your alarm and CCTV systems. Make sure you communicate your integration needs from the beginning to your technology integrator or access control vendor.

It’s also a good idea to decide from the beginning if you are going to expand the system or not. Small access control systems that are used for 1 or 2 doors only may not accommodate your needs later if you want to control more doors or add more authorized persons.

You can also choose between

Free exit systems let everyone leave the entered space while controlled exist systems require to enter the same code or use their card. Controlled exit systems will increase your security but also overall costs.

Most of all it’s important to choose the right access control installation company. Make sure you choose the one who has experience in installing systems for commercial spaces and supports multiple hardware and software brands. Most of the serious and experienced installers have manufacturer certificates which indicate that they are properly trained and can provide you with a professional support for all the years to come. A good technology integrator will ask you the right questions from the beginning and guide you through the whole process without leaving you frustrated.

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