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Security Cameras: A Worthy Business Investment

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dome Security Camera

Benefits of Security Cameras around a Business

Investing in security camera systems is a worthwhile venture for more reasons than one. They’ve proven to be beneficial in a variety of unique situations in a business setting.

For business owners, investing in a reliable surveillance system can play a critical role in industry sustainment while making the workplace a safer environment to be. They protect business owners from theft from both outsiders and employees, monitor misconduct, and offer security protection to both assets and employees.

While it’s hard to imagine employees would steal from their workplace, this is not an uncommon occurrence. But, even if a business owner trusts their team entirely, being prepared for the worst-case scenario will save a business more trouble in the long run. Surprisingly, employee theft happens more often than business owners might think. Whether pre-meditated or impulsive, the United States Chamber of Commerce estimated in February 2021 that about 75% of employees steal from their workplace. Of that 75%, most of them are repeat offenders, and the most effective way to catch them and settle any disputes is with onsite surveillance cameras.

Employees are not the only people who attempt theft at a business. Burglary and robbery are common in businesses as well, and are also most easily settled with the existence of security cameras.

While employee theft is defined as any sort of stealing or misuse of a business’s assets without permission, employee misconduct is referred to as intentional disregard of the employer’s interest in their workplace. Fortunately, with the installation of a surveillance system, it is significantly easier to monitor and control employee misconduct as well as the effects the misbehavior has on the company. Misconduct in the workplace can be as trivial as consistently showing up to work past the expected time or as serious as stealing from a company. No matter how big or small the wrongdoings, surveillance systems will increase the opportunity of catching employees and allow a business to visually display their argument with proof if and when it comes time to take action on the misconduct. In the long run, a business will save time and money by catching delinquency in the workplace sooner rather than later with the help of a reliable security system.

Most importantly, quality surveillance systems are worth the investment for protection of both employees and assets of a company. When mounted in proper places – exits and entrances, behind counters, in parking lots – a safer environment is automatically created. When an employee feels safer at work, they are likely to perform better at their job, directly influencing a business’s operations. Additionally, security cameras will protect from burglary, robbery, vandalism, break-ins and other potential crime.

Surveillance systems are considered to be a worthwhile investment. They’re designed to protect assets and employees, monitor crime and misconduct in and around the workplace, and create a secure and safe environment for employees to spend substantial time on a daily basis. Notably, a quality security system will improve business in more ways than one.


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