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Keys are ancient. Upgrade your Atlanta Security!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

building access control intercom

Though some form of lock has been available since ancient Nineveh, the locks that we know today weren’t developed until 1778 by Mr. Robert Barron. At the time it was the height of technology, a lever tumbler lock that not only locked when it was too low, but also if it was raised too far. Isn’t it amazing that we are using some of the same technology that was used in the 1700’s today?

Technology has evolved to provide your Atlanta business with keyless options. No more lost keys, changing door locks or worrying about your business and employees. Do you really want to trust your business, your equipment, and your employees to outdated technology? Of course not, not when there’s technology that can not only protect your business and your employees, but it can also save you money. Access Control technology is the solution that every Atlanta based business needs.

Electronic Door Access is a technology that is used to allow traffic into and out of a specified location. This can include a building, office spaces, individual rooms and more. If you’ve ever scanned a key fob, been buzzed into the office, or used your fingerprint to provide you access to a location then you’ve been exposed to access control technology. Though it can vary widely in how advanced the technology is, the one thing that all forms of access control offer is a convenient way to provide access to your facilities while still providing the best security possible.

Atlanta based businesses benefit from using access control technology to save money by linking their access control technology to their existing lights and heating systems. When wired correctly this can save the business money by not using electricity to light or heat a space that no one is currently working in. It also helps save a business money because locks do not have to be changed every time a key is misplaced. The business owner can simply have the card deactivated to prevent unauthorized access to their facilities.

Keyless Door technology also helps prevent theft. It makes it more difficult for employees to steal, as they aren’t able to be within the facilities during unauthorized hours. This can act as a deterrent. Additionally, if the company is aware of a theft and when it took place, they can easily access the records to determine which members of the staff were on duty when the loss occurred. Not to mention that access control technology makes it more difficult for unauthorized people to get into the building.

Finally, Atlanta access security systems helps protect the people of Atlanta in the event of an emergency. Not only does access control technology allow certain parts of the building to be secured, but in the event of a fire the technology can allow for all doors to be unlocked, providing employees a safe way to exit the facility. Additionally, were an armed gunman to attempt to gain access to your facility, having different parts of your building inaccessible without a pass will slow down the gunman and serve as a preservation of life tool.

Knowing how valuable this technology is, can you see your business moving forward without it? Call CFA Security & Low Voltage today for a free estimate at 770-864-7891 or fill out a contact form here!


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