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Access Control: Crucial Business Security

Do you think you're Atlanta, Georgia office or retail business too small for access control security?

The truth is that security is an essential concern for companies of all sizes. All businesses small and large, benefit from controlling access into and within areas of their building. From making employees feel secure to protecting your assets, these systems are beneficial for more than one reason. Keep reading to learn more about how access control systems can benefit your small business.

Rid Yourself of Key Issues

Giving employees keys can be challenging to manage, even for a small company. If one employee loses their copy, the entire building must be rekeyed, which can be quite costly. Moreover, if you only assign keys to a few people, you must coordinate that a keyholder is always present to allow people in the building.

When your company relies on keys, it only takes one person to forget theirs at home to leave customers and other employees waiting outside. Commercial locksmith services generally cost more than residential services, and if you have to call them often, you’ll spend a lot to unlock the company doors.

Employee Protection

Access control security systems allow employees to enter the office or store quickly, which keeps them much safer. There’s no more standing outside fumbling around with keys. The person simply uses biometrics or a swipe card to enter the building.

Once the employees are inside, they feel more secure because only authorized personnel can enter behind them. This is especially beneficial if your small business requires that employees work late or overnight.

Reduces Theft

If your business owns physical inventory, it could become a target for theft. Yet, this isn’t limited to merchandise. Theft can also include office equipment and supplies. Though most employers don’t want to think that employees would steal from them, statistics show that businesses in the U.S. lose roughly $50 billion each year because of employee theft.

Access control security makes it much more difficult for items to go missing from the company. Those who aren’t employed by your business don’t have access to the items. For those who do have access, there’s an activity record of anyone who has entered storage areas, making it easier to identify the culprit.

Remote Access

One of the best security perks is that an access control system gives you the ability to provide building access remotely. This is useful when maintenance or repair personnel must enter the property while you are out. You can allow them entrance from wherever you are without having to make a special trip.

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately, access control security systems provide advantages for businesses of all sizes. Hence, you don’t have to run a Fortune 500 organization to benefit from added security. Perhaps one of the best things about access control security is that the cost is relatively inexpensive at just $700 to $1,200 per door.

If you own a small business in the greater Atlanta, GA., area and could benefit from these services, call us today and schedule a no-obligation price quote!


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