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Access Control Security Systems

  • Access Security Door Installation 

  • Electric Strikes

  • Access Control Card Readers & Keypad

  • 600 lb, 800 lb, 1200 lb Mag Locks

  • Key Fob Systems For Entry Doors

  • Keyless Entry Office Systems 

  • Service, Repairs & New Installations 

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  • Pedestrian Gate Keypad 

  • Tennis Court Keyless Entry

  • Swimming Pool Key Fobs

  • Easily Assign Member Access

  • Remote Access Management

  • No Software Fee Options

  • Wireless Solutions

  • Keypads & Card Readers

We provide access control systems suitable for businesses of all sizes and types.
Office Building




  • Multiple Door Access Control

  • Speciality Access Security:  Turnstiles, Bio-metrics, Secure Internal areas.

  • Specialty Businesses: Schools, 

  • Jewelers, Government, Processing Plants.

  • Weekend Availability To Accommodate Your Schedule

Modern Office Building




  • Electric Strikes For Office Doors

  • 600 lb., 800 lb., 1200 lb. Maglocks

  • Single Office Doors Any Style

  • Multiple Exterior & Interior Doors

  • Multiple Access User Software

  • Easily Assign & Remove Users

  • Keypad, Key Cards, Key Fobs

  • No Ongoing Software Options

  • Repairs & Service

Keyless Access Control Systems

Atlanta life means tennis, squash, basketball courts, swimming and enjoying outdoor living all year long. Residents living in suburban communities, apartments and condos expect quality, secured amenities, they can easily access.

Community mangers and HOA boards have to balance the wants and needs of their residents access to secured areas with yearly budgets, time assigning key cards and the unique layout of a property.  Managers often want to know the average cost per door for access control.  While the average access control door cost does vary, expect to spend on average $1200 per installed electronic door.

The easiest and most accurate systems for allowing residents into secured areas is through access control security systems.  From pedestrian gates, pool and tennis gates, entry gates and access to restricted community rooms and fitness areas, there is an access control solution for your location.  

CFA Security & Low Voltage, has work with Georgia multi-family and suburban communities for over 15 years.  Our experience allows us to serve you with the best solution for your community.  We want to earn your business.  Not sell you a service.

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Using Keycard
Secure & Manage Entry Doors

Maintaining a secure and accessible office, retail or shared space environment can be a daunting task. With the need to constantly add and remove employee access, provide unique codes for customers, and monitor the premises around the clock, it's important to have a reliable access control security system in place. Managed access control provides a building keyless entry system while allowing for seamless entry and exit for authorized personnel and guests.


With 24/7 site management and remote access control, assigned managers can easily monitor and control access from anywhere in the world using their smart phone or computer.  Code distribution, card enrollments and key fobs can be assigned or restricted both onsite and remotely providing managers and admins an easy to use platform.

CFA Security & Low Voltage is a trusted provider of key fob access control systems solutions for businesses, corporations, and building management in Georgia. Our team of experts specializes in managed access control installations, including electronic locks for single or multiple doors, maglocks, push-to-exit systems, and various types of readers such as keycards, key fobs, and keypads. With our top-notch building security solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected.

It's time to add a keyless entry system to your office, store or business.  Estimates are free and no-obligation. Reach out to our experts at CFA Security & Low Voltage.  We are here to answer all of your questions.

Access Control Security For Specialty Businesses

Access control systems are essential for ensuring building security, but for large locations and specialty businesses, a basic system may not be enough. Warehouse and industrial buildings, for example, face challenges such as unique building layouts, adequate wifi coverage, and managing various shift employees, managers, and vendors. Specialized businesses like chemical manufacturers, medical facilities, and government buildings require customized security installation plans to meet their unique access control needs. Employee access management is crucial in these settings to maintain a safe and secure environment.

When it comes to building security, it's important to work with an experienced access control installation company. That's where CFA Security & Low Voltage comes in. Our team has installed access control systems for a wide range of clients, from chicken plants to medical facilities to material waste facilities. We take safety seriously, which is why our installers are safety certified, experienced in hazardous environments, and regularly drug tested. Plus, we're fully licensed and insured with zero OSHA violations. We understand that every site has its own safety protocols, and we'll make sure to adhere to them to ensure a secure installation.

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Looking for more information about access control security and how it can help you?  

There are many great benefits to access control security for Atlanta business.

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