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Fire Plans and Permits

Leave the hassle and headache of fire alarm plans and permitting to us. CFA Security provides fire alarm CAD drawn plans along with plan submittal for permitting.


Fire Alarm Plans & Permitting Steps

Floor Plans to CAD Drawings

The first step is to provide our Nicett 3 certified fire plan designer with a footprint of your site.  A PDF version is preferred, however, we can turn hand drawn floor plans into PDF site plans for submission to our CAD department.

Need assistance with creating your site plan or measuring your rooms, no problem!  We can assist you with that as well.

Site Plans Submission

While your sites CAD plans are being created, we will begin the permit process.

The permit process varies per city and county, but normally includes submitting installation company and site documents. 


During this time frame, the fire jurisdiction will provide additional request for explanations, CAD revision and documentations 

Permit Processing & Inspections

Once the fire alarm permit tech has processed all documents and request, a permit fee will be paid on your behalf and an inspection will be scheduled.

During the inspection our team is available onsite or by phone for the fire alarm inspector.  If there are additional request by the department, it will be handled at this time.

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