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Fire Alarm Service



Fire alarm equipment can malfunction at anytime due to aging equipment, accidents and even weather.  CFA Security offers onsite troubleshooting and diagnostics for Atlanta fire alarm systems.  Our trained technicians can be onsite same or next day. Call our offices to inquire about rates and scheduling.


Fire Alarm Repairs

Once onsite our technicians with provide a visual inspection of your equipment and troubleshoot your fire alarm panel.  From there we can determine what devices need to be repaired or replaced.  Our office will provide you an estimate for the repairs or new equipment and if possible, we will restore your systems panel as a "band aid" until service can be completed.


Device Replacement

If the fire alarm devices are not repairable, we will recommend replacing the equipment.   An estimate for the new fire alarm equipment will be provided. Upon approval, we will order your equipment and schedule installation. 

 All new equipment includes a 1 year labor and product warranty.

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